Shopify Plus has released 3 new feature to boost business

Shopify Reunite 2020 summed up recently, giving us a glimpse of its openness to new arenas. The much-awaited convention held remotely has left the Shopify enthusiasts for expecting more scalable online stores and therefore the infinite possibility it can create for the e-commerce businesses.

Forwarding with the ideas presented at Shopify Unite 2019, the e-commerce platform giant has come up with more features for SMBs also as Enterprise level online sellers. The core of the convention remains much the same- Enabling a Shopify Plus merchant to possess a far better grip over the shop and every one its actions.

Shopify Reunite Announcements

And, its not just that the business owners are elated with the new Shopify Plus features. With an enhanced number of features and integrations, Shopify Plus agencies expect to figure on a broader platform and serving more professional online stores.

Shopify Plus, because the name suggests carries an honest number of pluses over the more basic platform, Shopify. Shopify Plus is targeted primarily for Enterprises. Shopify, in contrast, finds itself an ideal fit individuals and little businesses aiming for a web business model.

We have an inventory of some existing advantages that make Shopify Plus the right fit Enterprise e-commerce businesses:

Dedicated Support: a fanatical Launch Engineer is assigned to each Shopify Plus shop owner. The Launch Engineer backs you throughout the method of migrating the shop or making the right setup for Shopify Plus Launch.

Unlimited Staff accounts: In contrast to a hard and fast number of Staff accounts in Shopify, the Enterprise customers haven’t any limitations at adding staff accounts.

Openness to B2B world:  As an enterprise-level e-commerce platform, Shopify Plus allows you to make a separate password-protected storefront for bulk selling. The Shopify Plus customers can sell an equivalent product as wholesale products to a broader B2B customer base.

Integrations with advanced tools: Shopify is open for integrations too. Shopify Plus stores can, however, be integrated with leading marketing tools and Logistics aimed to satisfy the complexity of a more expanded business model.

Going a breakthrough than Shopify updates in 2019, the Plus version features a lot more to supply in 2020 and beyond. the subsequent additions are expected to require Shopify Plus experience to an entire new level:

Shopify Plus Feature #1: Shopify Flow

Shopify Pay is already renamed as Shop Pay. And it’s just not the name that has been updated. Shopify Plus stores can now provide financing options to the buyers.Shop Pay is that the new Shopify Pay

The Buy Now Pay Later market is growing rapidly.

Klarna confirms that the brands that provide installment financing experience:

58% rise in Average Order Value
30% increase in checkout conversion rates
With that in mind, Shop Pay exclusively allows the Shopify Plus merchants to enable their customers for paying in installments. This new Shopify Plus feature will unburden your customers from paying the complete price of the merchandise directly . Your customers will appreciate your efforts at understanding their pains and can eventually assist you reduce cart abandonment rates.

Additionally, Shopify takes a note that the Shop Pay installments are administered on a centralized platform which helps you retain a track of the sales performance.

The feature is predicted to urge launched by the top of this year for Shopify Plus customers.

Shopify Plus Feature #3: Custom Checkout

A field where Shopify Plus surpasses the chances of Shopify by miles is that the ability to permit custom checkouts. Shopify stores can’t be served with custom checkouts directly. Shopify Plus agencies often take the assistance of Shopify Plus APIs to satisfy the requirements .Here may be a custom checkout we created for Square payment gateway using Shopify Plus.

Custom Shopify Checkout

The likes of Tax and therefore the Shipping charges are generated rather dynamically. We were ready to found out the custom checkout using Shopify’s .liquid file. The file is quite inaccessible for the essential plan users and is merely available for the enterprise customers.

With the Enterprise version by their side, Shopify Plus Partners and customers can come up with innovative custom checkouts for his or her customers. The new updates for checkouts will boost the customer experience your store offers:

Cross Border Duties
Online Tipping
Local Pickup and delivery settings
Currently, the features are within the initial phase and can soon be availed to Plus merchants within the coming months.

To back an easy local pickup and delivery services offered to the Shopify Plus stores, the e-commerce giant is expanding the Shopify Fulfillment Network across the US.Shopify Fulfillment Network

SFN provides a sensible inventory allocation to Shopify Plus store owners who aim to scale or evolve fulfillment strategies throughout their network. This includes:

Inventory Intelligence: where Shopify recommends inventory for storage.
Brand control: Offer branded packaging and unboxing experience
Same-day fulfillment: Brands offers same-day delivery for selected orders.
Shopify Plus installs and sets up the Shopify Fulfillment app for your store. Third-party Logistics generally require extensive integrations and frequent maintenance. Shopify Fulfillment app does the work for you with easy integration to your store.

Our experience in meeting Enterprise store needs
With 10+ years of commercial experience, the Shopify Plus experts at The Brihaspati Infotech possess extensive knowledge of the e-commerce industry and its verticals. Clients from nearly every a part of the world and from various spheres have hired Shopify Plus developers from us and have experienced a spike in customer experience and sales.

Our Shopify blog category gets you thru numerous customizations we’ve done through the years to satisfy customer needs across Shopify also as Shopify Plus platform.

Summing up with Shopify Plus new features
Shopify is consistently evolving to smoothen the way e-commerce management is seen and handled. While the Shopify Plus follows a fanatical Launch Manager who guides you at every step for establishing a totally managed store, you’ll always require a experienced Shopify Plus Partner who understands your needs along side the upcoming market standards. Our in-house Shopify Plus developers can get you right there.

To hire our Shopify Plus Agency, you’ll either contact us, or drop us an email.