Key Features of CodeIgniter 4


Key Features of CodeIgniter 4:

  • CI is an MVC framework with a small footprint.
  • You want extraordinary performance.
  • It require a framework that nearly requires zero configurations.
  • User need a framework that doesn’t require you to use the command line.
  • You need a framework that doesn’t require you to stick to restrictive coding rules.
  • User aren’t interested by large-scale monolithic libraries like PEAR.
  • You do not need to be compelled to study a templating language (although a template parser is alternatively accessible if you desire one).
  • It eschew complexity, preferring straightforward solutions.
  • User want clear, exhaustive documentation.

Features of CodeIgniter 4:

  1. The previous variations of Codeigniter are primarily based on PHP 5.6 or lower but the Codeigniter 4 could be featured with PHP 7.2 capability and compatibility.
  2. It required the *intl* extension of PHP established on the server.
  3. If we would really like to apply CURLRequest, we will need lib curl installed.
  4. Supported databases are:
    1. MySQL (5.1+) through the MySQLi driver
    2. PostgreSQL through the Postgre driver
    3. SqLite3 through the SQLite3 driver
  5. CodeIgniter 4 also can be used with command-line programs. As in line with the ultra-modern trend, maximum of the frameworks provide CLI usability and library. Since Codeigniter 4 the framework will also be imparting CLI interfaces for distinct purposes.
  6. The following PHP extensions ought to be enabled to your server:
    1. Php-json
    2. Php-mbstring
    3. Php-mysqlnd
    4. Php-xml
  7. If you want to apply CURLRequest in your Codeigniter application, you will need to install libcurl.
  8. The framework currently support for a public folder, meant as the document root on your application.
  9. Hooks in Codeigniter are a superb characteristic in is kept and upgrade as well.